Fuckin’Fucked Up!

Marshae Jones isn’t an upstanding citizen, and Marshae Jones is probably just another loser from Alabama. She is a product of Alabama and its culture. She is the product of a society, nationally, that does not support equal rights for all citizens, equal justice for all citizens, or economic justice for all citizens. Add the factor of ten to that because it’s in Alabama, one of America’s shit hole states and you have the current controversy that Jones and Alabama and the nation are facing.

Marshae Jones was pregnant and worked at a fuel company when she and another coworker crossed paths in the parking lot of the Dollar General store. Of all the stupid things, these two bitches were fighting over a man (that’s fucked up). Jones allegedly started the fight, was winning the fight, and had pinned her coworker Ebony Jemison in the seat of her car (imagine how comical that looked, a five month pregnant woman fighting with another in the parking lot of Dollar General. Where’s Springer when you need him?) when Jemison pulled a gun and shot her point blank in the belly. That’s fucked up.

They rushed Jones to the hospital but the car broke down en-route. Fucked up. The ambulance was called and they rushed Jones the rest of the way. She lost the fetus of course. This is where this thing gets really fucked up.

In a state that adores Freedom (with a capital “F”) and Guns (the same), the police eventually charge Jones, and not Jemison with the crime of manslaughter for the death of the fetus! That’s Fuckin’Fucked Up!

You see, in Alabama, and much of the south, guns and fetii are more important than women, more important than blacks, more important than education, social services, economic justice and life after birth. And that America is Fuckin’Fucked Up!