Musical Notes

One morning at the end of mass, in the 80’s, the congregation was instructed to sing “Amazing Grace”. As we sang I did not hear my own voice, but the voice of my mother. It was so present. So loving. My mother isn’t a singer. I stopped singing and she looked at me with teary […]

Remembering Andrew

Today you would have been 25 years old. I can’t imagine you’d be married now but who knows. I’ve often wondered who you’d have brought home under your arms. I’ve never imagined how you’d please your partners but I’ve always imagined they’d be beautiful or handsome, and that you’d make them laugh out loud or […]

Poo-pooing Pooh

What I loved about flying with “CG” was that we always laughed so hard together. Another thing I loved about her, and still do, is that she is a strong, beautiful woman who takes care of herself. “I gotta look at myself every day!” she has said to me for thirty years.  Her laughter comes from deep […]

September Dogs

Thirty years ago I was a 26 year old who moved to Seattle. It was June. By September I was settled into my apartment and felt very much at home in my new city. I’d also bought my first Melissa Etheridge tape. There is a song on the album called September Dogs. “Just outside my window, I hear […]

Fuckin’Fucked Up!

Marshae Jones isn’t an upstanding citizen, and Marshae Jones is probably just another loser from Alabama. She is a product of Alabama and its culture. She is the product of a society, nationally, that does not support equal rights for all citizens, equal justice for all citizens, or economic justice for all citizens. Add the […]

A Dangerous Country

I took Ben to Mexico City where we hung out with my friend for three days before flying off to Guatemala where we spent another five. He is 18 and this was his graduation present from last year. Ben had only left the United States once before and that was to Jamaica with his family […]

More Dangerous Out of Uniform

He is rugged and handsome and hyper-masculine. He is the stuff of calendars and fantasies. He is the type of man that inspires young boys to become soldiers and Navy SEALs. He is the type of man women want to father their children. Men aspire to be like him. He is American; he is the […]

Ontario I Remember

My good friends in Ontario gave me a book from Home entitled, “150 Stories-Recits” published by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. I love this book, and I have added the 151 story. In Northumberland County, there was a place called Mayfarm. It was magical, with rolling, stoney hills, woods and old barns. […]

Witches Island and Burnt Offerings

It was on the banks of the Mississippi river, across the street from Grandpa and Grandma Schwab’s, down a steep, steep bank of sand and dirt, stinging nettles, gnats and mosquitoes, and big, tall, leafy trees that I saw Witches Island for the first time. The grass was high and the bank along the river […]

Eyes to the Sky

Late July, that’s when we first became aware of it, the long light of summer. Rays of late evening sun promising fewer hotter days to come. In the evening the grass cooled, and the world around refreshed itself for a short time before night fall. I made my way to the chicken coop, an old […]